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Yellow Card for Plastics

Your success is in the cards. Play them right.

The calling card of performance

The UL Yellow Card is a globally recognized safety and quality guarantee. While the information on the Yellow Card is typically relevant for North American certification, adding performance credentials relative to international standards is possible with the White Card, an extension at the bottom of a Yellow Card. The UL Yellow Card can also become a low-maintenance marketing tool with the addition of performance properties associated with important industry requirements.


Example of a UL Yellow Card and White Card. The White Card promotes performance credentials related to international standards.

The Yellow Card helps manufacturers find you

Most plastics manufacturers know the value of the UL Yellow Card to their business. The globally respected product information card provides a compact and easy-to-read list of multiple safety properties, and allows designers, engineers, and suppliers to find the precise polymeric materials they need. 

The Yellow Card is automatically issued when polymeric materials receive a UL Recognized Component Mark, and helps shorten the path for manufacturers seeking certification for their end-products or systems.

UL Yellow Cards are not limited to certification – they can be a highly effective marketing tool. The best method to add value to a Yellow Card is to increase its coverage beyond safety certification parameters. Material manufacturers can boost product discoverability by including the performance properties their customers are looking for – all backed up with reliable t hird-party verification by UL. For example, with a Yellow Card, material manufacturers can provide reliable evidence that their products meet important industry requirements, such as the ROHS Directive or a non-halogen and non-chlorine & non-bromine certification.

The White Card can increase your visibility globally

End-product manufacturers are also interested in the specifics of material performance. The White Card extension to the Yellow Card gives them that.

The White Card extension displays the results of international IEC and ISO test methods, and further assists existing and potential customers in finding the performance properties they are looking for. This gives manufacturers a unique opportunity to promote their products in markets all around the world.

Discoverable on UL iQ™ and Prospector® databases

With your performance credentials firmly established on the Yellow and/or White Card, you are more discoverable on key material databases. UL Prospector® allows manufacturers to search and sort through thousands of products by performance characteristics, properties, applications, safety data and more. Prospector also offers a plug-in that enables you to showcase your compliance and performance test data on your company website. 

Meanwhile, the UL iQ™ suite of free relational databases allows users to review material performance data and safety certification for UL Certified Components. A link to can be added to an existing Yellow Card, allowing users to quickly access your product brochure, company website, or other website page.