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UL 969A

Flag this! New label standard UL 969A!

New UL services to certify flag labels, flag tags, wrap-around labels and related products to UL 969A, the Standard for Marking and Labeling Systems.

Information for products can be found in a number of ways – as an insert in the package, on the package or even on the product itself.

Most safety standards require the products themselves to be permanently marked with specific safety-related information to ensure the proper and safe operation.  This information could be in the form of hazards, warnings, cautionary markings, installation instructions and/or electrical ratings.  These safety-related markings are required to meet permanence of marking requirements, to ensure they are suitable for the anticipated environmental conditions a product may encounter during service, such as humidity, elevated temperatures, UV light, or lubricating oils.

UL recently launched services to certify products to UL 969A, the Standard for Marking and Labeling Systems – Flag Labels, Flag Tags, Wrap-Around Labels and Related Products.

UL 969A covers flag labels, flag tags, wrap-around labels, and related products, often referred to as “cord tags,” typically affixed to an appliance power cord. These labels and tags are intended to provide safety-related information that meet UL’s permanence of marking requirements.  

Almost 50 UL standards have permanence of marking requirements for cord tags.  Most requirements across these standards are similar, but there are some key differences. 

This new UL 969A standard covers the performance requirements in virtually all  end-product standards that have cord tag requirements and is intended to allow manufacturers and label suppliers to test to one document which eliminates the need for individualized end-product requirements to address these types of marking systems.

A common standard, or sometimes referred to as a horizontal standard, helps reduce complexity, simplify the process, and ultimately reduce compliance costs by utilizing a single set of requirements. 

For more information visit the Marking and Labeling website.  

To view a copy of UL 969A for free, visit the UL Standards Sale Site and select digital view.  UL Certification Customers also have access to a free PDF and/or HTML versions through UL’s Standards Certification Customer Library.