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Performance & Research Testing

Tap into the data designed to make your product perform.

Enough with trial and error! Find the right formula for your product now.

It’s pretty exciting: the vast amount of choice available out there. The vision for your product knows no bounds. If you imagine it, it can be built; experiment with a new material, innovate a cutting-edge design, respond quickly to rapid changes in the markets. 

Yet, without a good foundation of knowledge in how materials and formulations affect component and end-product performance, it could all start to feel like guesswork. You don’t want the product development process to get mired down in multiple rounds of trial and error. 

It makes sense to rely on a specialist in customized material research, analyses and testing – then sit back and watch your idea take shape into a high-quality, safe, and certified product. But don’t wait – you need to get input early on – in the conceptualization stage – to help ensure that your products achieve compliance and make their launch dates.

The knowledge to support your vision

The properties of materials and formulations play an extremely critical role in the safety and performance of a product. Knowing that is the easy part! Figuring out, testing for and selecting the right materials for the product and design, however, is not so easy. 

UL understands that every product has its own challenges and demands, and offers customized material research, analysis and testing. It likes to take a holistic approach to product development. While its expertise is founded in safety, it has taken that knowledge to bring fact-based capabilities and services to the entire value chain – from product development to manufacturing.

Your product – your innovation – is too precious. So why leave it to chance? Start early with data-driven materials choices. UL offers deep insights into performance and safety via its modular services for every step of the product life cycle. Whether, experiment design, data analysis, predictive modeling, test development and standardization or forensic analysis – UL offers a vast array of high-tech tools to assist you.

It’s more than just passing a test

Accurate testing earlier on means less guesswork, better predictions and fewer product failures. Working with a team that understands the intricacies of your product requirements will help you make decisions that not only ensure product safety and high-quality performance but also speed your product’s time to market.