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Looking for a UL Listed, Classified or Recognized product or component?

UL is investing in digital transformation across the enterprise to increase the value and relevance we offer to the customers and industries we serve.

LOLI Illuminator – On-demand chemical regulatory monitoring & automated tracking

UL’s LOLI® Illuminator provides first-of-its-kind access to the LOLI Regulatory Database, with personalized views and automated alerts which allows you to track and monitor chemical regulatory changes with ease. 

With an unparalleled combination of highly structured and intelligently linked data with an intuitive and personalized design, you'll find exactly what you need and get notified of change without all the noise.

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UL Product iQ – the online location for UL Certification information

UL Product iQTM combines UL Safety Certification information trusted around the globe with the intuitive design and functionality of a modern search engine. This powerful tool features:

  • Robust and intuitive search features
  • Advanced search and filtering options
  • Access to UL guide information
  • Ability to search by application, functionality and more

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UL PROSPECTOR – the leading global materials and ingredients search engine

UL Prospector® offers accurate, reliable technical information for hundreds of thousands of plastics, chemicals and ingredients from suppliers around the world. With a Prospector account, product formulators, engineers and developers can:

  • Find materials, technical information and suppliers quickly and easily
  • Search by material type, supplier, application or functionality
  • Stay informed with industry trends and information

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Navigator – your gateway to regulatory compliance

UL’s NavigatorTM is a hub of essential chemical regulatory information, providing you with regulatory summaries for over 50 countries.

Navigator includes:

  • Summaries of your compliance obligations organized by country and topic
  • Links to important regulations and helpful resources
  • Timely content updates provided by UL’s global regulatory experts as changes occur
  • Regular newsletters to ensure that you never miss an update

Like a 24/7 regulatory consultant in your pocket, Navigator can help you wherever you are and whenever you need it. 

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UL’s Datasheet Services - delivering business results through data automation

The increasing demand for transparency makes data integrity and accessibility essential in today’s market. UL’s Datasheet Service makes it easy to manage technical data efficiently and consistently.

  • Close more business by providing the data your customers need in real-time
  • Reduce errors and minimize liability by eliminating manual data management
  • Save time by streamlining translations and updates
  • Keep your data secure and consistent in a single database
  • Improve the customer experience by automating distribution across your website, distributors’ websites, and Prospector listings

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myUL – a client portal available exclusively to all UL clients

myUL™ is a secure digital self-service tool designed to support UL clients with a single source of visibility and transparency into their UL accounts and activities. myUL enables clients to confidently make decisions that positively impact their bottom line. Clients will have the ability to make data driven decisions so they can drive growth, increase speed to market and enhance overall productivity. Enhanced navigation allows deeper dives into company orders, quotes, samples, payments, documents, locations, inspection reports, variation notices, as well as additional visibility of UL information needed to streamline communications. myUL also enables access to other UL applications in one location.

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