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Performance testing – the secret of preferred automotive OEM suppliers

For producers of modern performance materials, it’s not easy to meet the diverse needs of automotive manufacturers. Of all customers, they probably have some of the strictest demands, covering performance characteristics, appearance, durability, look and feel, even smell.

Material requirements change from customer to customer and car to car, so it’s important to have testing capabilities that are quickly adaptable, scalable and, of course, reliable. Some testing can be done in house, but many OEMs want to see – or even require – third-party verification of their individual specifications.


Our services for the automotive industry include: environmental, emission, textile, surface, burning behavior, electrical, media resistance and analytical testing

Testing partnership ABCs

Ideally, testing should consistently predict and, as a result, improve end-product performance. A testing partner can provide assistance in finding the ideal test procedures, the amounts and forms of test specimens needed for testing, as well as advising on the relevant standards depending on your end-application and target markets. 

As a rule of thumb, materials testing should start early in the development phase in order to help you take more informed product development decisions. On the whole, testing services generally help reduce the risk of delay, avoid unexpected issues and late problem discovery, and accelerate time to market.  

Become a choice supplier

With the unique requirements of the automotive industry always in mind, UL offers comprehensive testing and engineering services that cater to manufacturers serving the industry. 

Our experts regularly develop, execute and manage test programs according to OEM requirements, standards and regulations. Our labs, furthermore, have the capabilities to produce samples internally for testing purposes.

UL labs, such as the UL materials testing facility in Krefeld, Germany, provide testing in the areas of rheology, mechanics, fire, media resistance and surface performance. Environmental performance can also be predicted via weather, temperature, climate change and ozone stress testing. Services beyond the area of performance materials include battery, EV, and wireless/EMC testing.

UL Performance Materials lab for automotive testing